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Monday 5th JuneTuesday 6th JuneWednesday 7th JuneThursday 8th JuneFriday 9th June
Parallel Session 1Topology Opt: Multiphysics/ Biomedical problemsParallel Session 5Approx. & Surrogates / Metamodels: Automotive/StructParallel Session 8Approx. & Surrogates / Metamodels: General Applic.Parallel Session 9Uncertainity/Robustness/Reliability 3Parallel Session 11Topology Opt: Aerospace 4
Optimisation Algorithms 1Topology Opt: Structural Eng. 2Uncertainity/Robustness/Reliability 2Smart Structures and Materials 2Topology Opt: Structural Eng. 5
Structural Optimization: Civil & Structural Eng. 1Topology Opt: Aerospace 2MDO: Aerospace applications 2Topology Opt: Multiscale/Multiphysics 2Structural Optimization: Topology Applications
Topology Opt: Additive Manufacture 1Structural Optimization: Civil & Structural Eng. 2Topology Opt: Automotive Applications 2Topology Opt: Structural Eng. 4AI Methods 2
Topology Opt: Thermal & Fluid Eng. 1Topology Opt: Additive Manufacture 3Topology Opt: Additive Manufacture 4Topology Opt: Additive Manufacture 5Multi Objective Optimization
MDO: Aerospace applications 1MDO: Applications 2Shape Optimization 3Structural Optimization: Lattice StructuresTopology Opt: Thermal & Fluid Eng. 4
Struct/Aero ApplicationsOptimisation: General Applications 2
Optimisation of Slender & Thin Walled StructuresOptimisation: General Applications 4Structural Optimization: Applications 6
Structural OptimizationOptimization Algorithms 4
CoffeeCoffee & Welcome address:
Prof John O'Halloran, President UCC
Parallel Session 2AI Methods 1Parallel Session 6Structural Optimization: Composite/Laminates11:20 SOTA 1 -
Boole 4 & Boole 3 (Live link)
Parallel Session 10Structural Optimization: Applications 5
Topology Opt: Aerospace 1Topology Opt: Aerospace 3MDO: Multi Scale/Multi Physics problems
Topology Opt: Automotive Applications 1Topology Opt: Structural Eng. 311:50 SOTA 2
Boole 4 & Boole 3 (Live link)
Sensitivity Analysis Methods and Applications 2
Parallel Computing/Parametric IdentificationShape Optimization 2Novel Methods for Modelling, Simulation, and Design 3
Topology Opt: MEMS/ Nano-Structures 1Structural Optimization: Additive Manufacturing12:20 KEYNOTE
Boole 4 & Boole 3 (Live link)
Topology Opt: Thermal & Fluid Eng. 3
MDO: Applications 1Topology Opt: MEMS/ Nano-Structures 2Topology Opt: Methods
Structural Optimization: Applications 1Structural Optimization: Applications 3Optimisation of Dynamic Systems
Optimisation Algorithms 2Optimisation: General Applications 5
Lunch - Devere HallLunch - Devere HallLunch - Devere HallLunch - Devere Hall
13:15 - 14:00 Boole 1
Altair Lunchtime Symposium
13:15 -14:40 Poster Session, Devere HallSocial Excursions13:15 - 14:00 Boole 1
Collins Aerospace Lunchtime Symposium
Parallel Session 3Topology Opt: Structural Eng. 1
Topology Opt: Multiscale/Multiphysics 114:10 SOTA 3
Boole 4 & Boole 3 (Live link)
Topology Opt: Additive Manufacture 2
Shape Optimization 114:45 – 15:45 Broadening Participation and Networking Event,
Aula Maxima
Uncertainity/Robustness/Reliability 114:40 SOTA 4
Boole 4 & Boole 3 (Live link)
Smart Structures and Materials 1
Optimisation: General Applications 1
CoffeeCoffeeCoffee (15:10-15:30)
Parallel Session 4Structural Optimization: Applications 2Parallel Session 7Novel Methods for Modelling, Simulation, and Design 215:30 - 17:30 General Assembly
Boole 4 & Interactive Live Link Boole 3

(followed by 1st meeting of EC)
Data-driven methods 1Optimisation Algorithms 3
Approx. & Surrogates / Metamodels: AerospaceSensitivity Analysis Methods and Applications 1
Evolutionary & Heuristic Optimisation/ Digital TwinStructural Optimization: Applications 4
Novel Methods for Modelling, Simulation, and Design 1Data-driven methods 2
Topology Opt: CompositesTopology Opt: Thermal & Fluid Eng. 2
Optimisation: Elasticity ApplicationsOptimisation: General Applications 3
18:30 - 19:30 Welcome Reception
Devere Hall
19:00 - 23:00 Conference Dinner
Páirc Uí Chaoimh
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